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Düsseldorf Photo Weekend

Exhibition: Cityscapes
Artists: Mark Dorf (*1988, USA) & Xiao Xiao (*1984, CHN)
Duration: February 2nd - April 29th
The architectural works of Mark Dorf and Xiao Xiao enforce through immediate confrontation a reflection on big data, data collection and surveillance within urban anonymity.

Both artist’s images are based on architectural photography, iconographic cityscapes representing the sculptural framework for human life in today’s mega cities. Skyscrapers represent economic rise, a vivid city life and utmost anonymity at the same time. The chosen perspective that reveals the absence of human traces outlines clear geometric shapes and shiny surface structures.

Xiao Xiao, Rational Reality-Cloud series #07 Beijing, 2015, 137x110 cm, print © Xiao Xiao
Mark Dorf stages the skyscraper scenery from a human perspective from the depths of urban canyons, focusing on the lower floors. He indicates urban life, but it remains invisible: he stages clear geometric architectonic structures. By integrating indicative pseudo diagrams, bar charts, multi-dimensional layers, color schemes, he incorporates the hidden layer of data gathering, networking, our broadcast digital identities, and information consolidation. The foil to the perceived anonymity that urban environments can supply.

Xiao Xiao stages the skyscrapers as dominant sculptures, engines for production and city life. He focuses on pure shapes within the given architectural structures, delinked from the overall urban environment. Reflections of the cloudy sky in the facade of the buildings add another layer, an emotional perspective, imperfection, humanity.

Small artistic interventions turn the objective architectonic language from pure formalism and functionality to a representation of urban life in the digital age.

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with works by 陈秀炜Ophelia S.Chan,郭工Guo Gong,Garcia Frankowski,胡庆雁Hu Qingyan,任芷田Ren Zhitian,萧潇Xiao Xiao

MONDAY Sep 28, 2015
2015 年 09月 28 日

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